Working alongside our clients and partners we draw on advanced narrative theory and practice to design processes and interventions for transforming conflicts and generating positive change for individuals, organizations, and communities.

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We provide a variety of services to those who are directly engaged in conflict transformation or are working toward narrative transformation in support of their mission and vision.

We can help the following scenarios or situations.

Difficult Negotiations

Long-lasting conflict can damage relationships, reduce productivity, and block the discovery of innovative solutions. Often attempts to negotiate differences do not work, as the stories being told about the conflict are further hamstringing efforts to generate effective, sustainable changes.

We work with clients to map narrative systems in order to transform conflicts, setting the stage for negotiations and other conflict transformation models that build on more complex narratives. We also offer training in narrative approaches to these conflict resolution strategies that open pathways for creative and sustainable change.

Participation and engagement

Lack of equity in organizations and communities can lead to conflicts, marginalization and silences that stifle collaboration and growth. Narratives can entrap people in organizations in power dynamics that results in people struggling to speak and be heard, reducing effectiveness and effeciency.

We offer training and intervention strategies in narrative change processes that enable people to speak in a way that they are heard and are treated as legitimate contributors, leading to creative and impactful partnerships.


Polarized environments anchor narratives that generate fractures and divisions in organizations and communities, where conversations foster divergent and competing strategies, preventing alignment and collaboration, and stalling creativity.

Our approach to narrative analysis and intervention can help teams examine the existing divisions and fractures in the narrative system and identify points of alignment and collaboration as a collective. We design interventions that alter the system dynamics and open up spaces for new or evolved narratives to circulate.


Widespread disinformation requires navigating contexts where circulating lies and misinformation undermine science and facts, preventing solid foundation for policy making. In such contexts, assuming that facts speak for themselves and ignoring narratives and meaning-making limits the development policies that support and benefit communities.

We offer training in narrative systems dynamics to enable leaders to respond to disinformation, not by blocking it, but by engaging the public in a manner that contributes to increase the complexity of the narratives in the public sphere. This approach enables stakeholders to fully participate in design thinking, contributing to innovating the narratives that are in circulation, and, in turn, forming the basis for solutions.

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