Narrative Praxis Group is committed to unlocking the potential of narratives to transform conflicts and promote innovative and sustainable solutions to complex problems.

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narrative approaches to conflict resolution

Conflict Analysis and Research

NPG offers series of innovative and flexible research methodologies adapted creatively to the unique needs of the clients. Using narrative methodology and beyond, we help clients analyze conflict contexts, map narrative systems, and conduct rigorous data collection, in order to help design impactful strategies for change.

Training on narrative and conflict approaches

NPG provides tailored training on narrative and conflict that helps clients understand and use narrative approaches in their organizations, communities, and their work. NPG trainings are done as an accompaniment to project design and implementation, or as a standalone course to deliver competences in narrative strategies for leaders and change agents.

Facilitation and coaching

We design and facilitate events that help teams solve problems, search for creative solutions, and develop visions to create better alignment for achieving their goals. Using reflection as key element of learning, we use innovative approaches to create spaces for inclusive discussions to deal with conflicts, advance innovation and growth, and foster alignment.

Project and methodology design

We work with our clients to support the design of holistic interventions and/or to develop tailored methodology for a specific component of a project to achieve sustainable results. Our services also include accompanying implementation and monitoring and evaluation support.

NPG recognizes that narrative change is not an “operation” done to people, and for that reason, we do not use a “toolkit” approach; rather we support clients to engage the limits of their own narratives and (re)build relationships with their stakeholders, unleashing the power of narrative for good.

NPG draws on narrative research and practice for intervention design that can support narrative evolution at scale and across networks. These changes can, in turn, be institutionalized in public discourses, as well as in local, everyday settings.


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